The Smugglers Tavern


A fully functional hand-to-hand book trading website. The idea was to provide a specialized student textbook trading website for on-campus transfer of textbooks without going through a third party.

The campus bookstore has outrages margins on sales and purchases of textbooks. The price of textbooks continues to only increase over time. It becomes an apparent problem for students to deal with the rising costs of textbooks.

This is where The Smugglers Tavern comes in. It provides a simple way to post a book for sale by just providing the ISBN number of the textbook, a price, and an email for the replies to reach. The website will perform a look-up of the ISBN number in a database to determine title, author, and information relative to the textbook. It will also gather the average price of the textbook based on online sellers of the book.

The textbook-specific information will also be available to those looking to purchase a textbook. A search for a title will return a page listing all posts of that textbook currently active on the website. It will sort the posts by price and condition. A buyer will then provide their email and write a message through the website to notify the seller of an interested buyer. This will be sent to the seller in email form and they will be able to choose whether to reply to the buyer’s request or not.

Transactions happen solely between the buyer and seller, no third party is involved.


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