A Very Unlikely Encounter with Noise

Written and illustrated by Hristo Iankov

Noise began his life much like everyone begins their life–in a very, very improbable way.

He came into being as a one dimensional value floating through space and time with no definite path or purpose.

For Noise, there was one very unfortunate circumstance about his existence.

He was completely alone in the world.

Noise decided to end his loneliness and find purpose to his life.

He begins by observing the world and recording everything he sees.

During one of his observations, Noise discovered something beautiful, a girl named Sine.

Sine was perfect in every way imaginable, Noise thought.

Noise however, was virtually invisible to Sine. Sine could not hear nor did she respond to him.

Maybe if he could become perfect like Sine, she would notice him.

A few hopeless periods of time passed until Noise met an aged wizard named Perlin.

Perlin took a particular interest in Noise and decided to make him his apprentice.

Noise agreed to study with the great wizard with the hopes of becoming more perfect like Sine.

What the old wizard didn’t tell him is that Noise could never be like Sine.
Perlin thought that he didn’t have to turn Noise into a copy of Sine, but something more unusual entirely.

Noise neared the end of his training when something out of the ordinary happened.

Patterns began to form where there was previously nothing in the world.

Out of the emptiness sprouted mountains.

From uncertainty came oceans.

And even more inconceivably, life formed.

But dark things happened.


The very existence of our universe, our planet, life, and intelligent life are highly improbable events.
The invention of Perlin Noise is in the same way wonderful and should be attributed to its inventor, Computer Scientist, Ken Perlin.