Digital Nature


Older project. The idea was to create a computer program which self generates a living environment of plants based on a simple DNA-like set of instructions in a code format for each plant. These instructions would then be followed by each branch/edge of the generation of the plant.

All plants are represented as a collection of nodes connected by edges in a tree.

This can be expanded later to generate a graph rather than a tree specifically. The graph could then represent more complex structures which may interconnect with themselves.

Outside of the short instruction set to build each organism, there should be an outside factor which causes some mutations of the instruction set to prevail as opposed to others.

A chance of mutation can occur each time a node is generated from another node.


Child-node detection and color change.


A perfect tree with no mutation or mistakes in the production. Low chance of survival.


Tree with underground roots. This was the start of a resource competition between species of plants. Both enough water and sunlight need to be achieved in order to allow further growth.


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