About me, I am an avid computer scientist. I find it very fascinating that all humans are born with a natural obsession to create. Code is a way to satisfy that obsession by turning language directly into something that works in the real-world.

Welcome to the beginning of something good. Consider this website the extension of my hand written notes of ideas and projects.

Artificial Intelligence - Welcome to the discussion of artificial intelligence. This is a topic I will frequently revisit over the course of my work here on this website. There are several A.I.-based projects in the workings. At the current stages, each is an idea for a small part in a future A.I. system. Below is a project I … Continue reading Artificial Intelligence
Hello, world! - The mandatory programmer’s greeting to the world. And here it is in a few different languages: printf("Hello, %s\n", "world!"); System.out.println("Hello, " + "world!"); cout